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Welcome to the Art of Physics course portal!

Due to the great demand for our course, our capacity has been reached on 8/20/2020. To ensure Prof. Man can give personal attention to every single enrolled student,  and we had to close the enrollment for this year. Please come back next year. Thank you for your interest, support, and understanding.

In order to provide the best eLearning experiences, we offer our students the same learning platform as elite universities such as Caltech. All students need to register for this platform to participate in asynchronous learning. The only thing student need to remember is that students must use the Google button google at the top right of this page to log in (username and password option is reserved for teachers), the subsequent steps are self-explanatory. Step by step instruction is also provided below.

If you are a parent and prefer your student to use their own Gmail credentials for this eLearning journey, please log out your Google account form this computer now and ask your student to login using
their own Google credentials.  Once registered, the system automatically associates each student with their Google account. (PayPal account does not need to match the same of the registering Google account). The first and last name of your student's Gmail profile is his/her name in our system. The system does not allow students to change their name/profile once registered.

Here is a brief introduction to the current course offering and more information can be found at

Step by Step Instructions:

Our students need to register for our course website here at  through Google authentication and then self-enroll the courses by making a payment. Seats are limited. Please do not register until you are ready to enroll.

  1. Since our system authenticates students by their Google accounts (Gmail).  Please carefully decide which Gmail address your student will use to log in to this course port to watch recorded lectures and access other courses resources during the next few months. 

  2. If you are currently logged in your Gmail with a parent account that you do not intend for your student to use, please log out now to prevent accidental registration of the wrong account.

  3. Click on this google icon at the top right of this page


  1. Input your student’s Gmail username in the box like this:j74APP6QGMlNyD9O_u3uaKvHXD5TuBXCP0Goa5ngz7zTVBYBfWQ-pfygKu9wCdGBcfUMSo0SxFmhNBjeQ703ARb4XCNruqDiUEMfTM7FU9BDID-_L36auZDipEj2gGVEj3I6eaqV

  2. Input your student’s Gmail password.

  3. You will be taken to a page stating that an email has been sent to your student's Gmail address.

  4. Check your student’s Gmail for an email with the subject of “Art of Physics Education: account confirmation”. Please check “All Mail” and spam folder, if you don’t see it at first.

  5. Follow the link in the email to confirm your account application by accepting the privacy notice, cookie policy,  and consent page. Once completed, you are registered to our course portal and ready to enroll in the courses.

  6. You will see all available courses currently being offered like this:


  1. Click on a course name will take to you through the enrollment process:


  1. Click on “Send payment via PayPal, you will be taken to the Paypal website where you can pay either with a PayPal account (the PayPal account does not need to match the student’s Google account) or you can pay with a credit card
    directly by clicking "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".


  1. Once the payment is processed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course.

  2. Please navigate to the “Thermodynamics (2020)” course. If you can watch the introductory videos embedded at the beginning of the course, you are successfully enrolled (no more confirmation is needed). Please bookmark
    this website and come back after the course is started.